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  • 1PM Marketing Department 6 / F, building A1, chentian Hangcheng Industrial 2022-05-25

    Post duties:

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for product line positioning, target setting and sales promotion of discrete devices;

    2. Be responsible for product line development, maintenance and promotion according to the company's strategy, and achieve performance objectives;

    3. Be responsible for the normal work and relationship maintenance of the upstream, and the development, positioning and promotion of new products;

    4. Product line demand analysis: find target customers, segment industry analysis and resource utilization;

    5. Competitive product analysis report;

    6. Maintain efficient communication and coordination with upstream and other departments of the company;

    7. Responsible for product training and sales technical support;

    8. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

    Job requirements:

    1. More than five years in semiconductor device industry, bachelor degree or above in electronics related major, aged between 26 and 38;

    2. Have a sense of responsibility and pursuit, and have a certain career planning and vision;

    3. At least one year working experience in PM of electronic component agent;

    4. FAE and sales experience in the same industry is preferred;

    5. The company is growing rapidly and has great development space. We are willing to share the development achievements with excellent talents. People who are interested in long-term development in this industry are welcome to join us.

  • 2East China FAE Engineer Marketing Department Room 516, Lianrong building, Lianrong Digital Indu 2022-05-25

    Post duties:

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Be responsible for power device selection, failure analysis, reliability verification, etc;

    2. For target customers and related projects, complete the pre-sales promotion of product schemes, technical support during sales and analysis of after-sales adverse problems; Maintain the continuous growth of client business;  

    3. Cooperate with the sales department to complete the continuous promotion of the target market, timely understand, summarize and feed back the information of competitors;  

    4. Regularly summarize successful cases and client problems, and conduct effective internal communication to improve the service efficiency of the team at the client and reflect the professionalism of the team's service

    5. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, engaged in power supply industry or LED drive, with more than 5 years of experience.

    2. Familiar with the characteristics of electronic materials and components; Sort out the data of the known power devices and compile them into a product volume.

    3. Be familiar with the failure mechanism of materials, the verification and identification of power devices, the development of FMEA at the power device level, and the process of power devices.

    4. Be familiar with AC / DC , DC / DC , be able to independently complete the design of 5-300w power supply, and be familiar with buck, boost, flyback, forward, LLC and other topological structures.

    5. Be familiar with AD, PROTEL, powrt, PCB and other software tools, and be familiar with a variety of office software, PPT

    6. Familiar with LED lighting industry, familiar with silijie, core Feiling and Dior micro is preferred

    7. Familiar with C language is preferred.

    Company address:

    Shenzhen headquarters address: 6 / F, building A1, Fuyuan Industrial and commercial building, Hangcheng Industrial Zone, Xixiang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

    Working address: Room 516, Lianrong building, Xingqiao street, Linping District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

  • 3Procurement Development Engineer Operation Department 6 / F, building A1, chentian Hangcheng Industrial 2022-05-25

    Post duties:

    job content:

    1. Timely grasp the purchase information of required conventional materials, and make prediction and preparation. Understand, analyze and feed back the market competition, coordinate and deal with the emergencies or abnormal events of the products in charge.

    2. Investigate and master the supply channels of materials used in production and find the source of material supply.

    3. Establish supplier files and contact with suppliers to prevent failure to find alternative suppliers in case of emergency.

    4. Refer to the market situation of raw materials and require suppliers to quote.

    5. Evaluate the supplier's supply price, material quality and delivery date, understand the market price trend of the company's main materials, prepare procurement documents and purchase the required materials.

    6. Coordinate the delivery date of suppliers according to the purchase contract.

    7. Material control; Prevent and dispose of dead materials and wastes.

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree, major in electronics or related;

    2. At least 1 year working experience in electronic component procurement;

    3. Good communication and coordination skills, strong presentation ability and execution ability;

    4. Cost awareness, value analysis ability, prediction ability, expression ability, good interpersonal communication and coordination ability, professional knowledge.

    5. Have a reasonable purchase and preparation plan and try every means to reduce the purchase cost without affecting the normal business operation of the enterprise.

  • 4Purchasing Manager Operation Department 6 / F, building A1, chentian Hangcheng Industrial 2022-05-25

    Post duties:

    operating duty:
    1. Responsible for the procurement of electronic components and resource development.
    2. Conduct supplier management, cooperate with the market for inquiry and quotation and sample provision.
    3. Have purchasing experience in serving OEM and agents.
    4. Purchasing experience in electronic components trading company is required. Pure factory purchasing experience does not meet the requirements. Please * * * resume.

    Job requirements:
    1. At least 5 years experience in electronic component agency or distribution procurement, and at least 2 years experience in procurement team management.
    2. Be familiar with the whole electronic component industry chain and the current situation of original manufacturers, agents and spot traders in the market.
    3. There are mainstream brand original factory or agent resources.
    Upper limit of salary: no upper limit of salary can be displayed.

  • 5Commercial documentary post Operation Department 6 / F, building A1, chentian Hangcheng Industrial 2022-05-25

    Post duties:

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Coordinate and distribute the sales order release and delivery tracking of the commercial documentary department, and feed back in time;

    2. Be responsible for the tracking, implementation and feedback of customer return information;

    3. Responsible for the establishment of sales account and the recovery and follow-up of accounts receivable, overall summary and data analysis;

    4. Be fully responsible for the information interface transmission of customer complaints in the commercial documentary department;

    5. Assist, supervise and follow up the sales engineer to establish the customer information maintenance form, and update and maintain the customer information regularly;

    6. Assist the sales staff to sort out, summarize, analyze and report the market information; Unified management of sales related documents;

    7. Assist and guide commercial merchandising to understand customer trends and production line load; Timely analyze and respond with operation manager, salesperson and PM.

    Job requirements:

    1. At least 4 years working experience in merchandising, including at least 2 years working experience in semiconductor electronic components industry;

    2. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics is preferred;

    3. Have strong communication skills, sense of responsibility, logical and rigorous, and pursue career development;

    Note: for excellent talents, the salary can be relaxed.