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Company Profile

Founded in 2008, yuejiahong electronics is a professional electronic component supply company for high-tech industry. We focus on customer needs, provide high-quality products and low prices, and apply leading electronic parts to create the best delivery and service in the whole industry. In order to select high-quality electronic parts, we build our own reliability and Application Laboratory, continuously improve our technical service ability, and are determined to make a contribution to the development of Mingzu electronic industry. We also provide electronic design solutions and efficient technical services for some subdivided industries to provide value-added services for customers.

Yuejiahong relies on customers and adheres to "customer demand as the center"; Internally, adhere to the corporate values of "integrity, professionalism, hard work and Transcendence", and create a corporate culture of integrity, honesty and progress. We grow and add value with our employees through career promotion and striver shareholding system. Yuejiahong has been recognized and trusted by more customers for more than a decade, which has realized the rapid growth of the company's performance and helped upstream suppliers effectively expand the market.

Yuejiahong adheres to the field of electronic components, steadily improves the application and delivery of products and technologies, and makes its own contribution to the development of the national electronic components industry!


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