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Ringing wave


Ringing wave testing instrument

Ringing wave test: ringing wave test (combined wave test)

Senior experts give free guidance on the whole process and the model; Zlb61012x, the ringing generator complies with IEC standards iec61000-4-12 and ansi-c62-41. It simulates the switching of power supply and control line of electrical network and reactance load, as well as the disconnection of power supply circuit, fault and insulation breakdown or lightning strike, and senses the ringing wave generated on the equipment terminal in low-voltage cable.

voltage waveform

Front edge of open circuit voltage waveform(T1)

(10-90%) 0.5us ± 30%


Open circuit voltage oscillation frequency(1/T)


Open circuit output voltage(PK1)


Output impedance


Attenuation ratio of open circuit voltage




Objective: Based on the concept of "openness, integration, practice and innovation", the laboratory is mainly used for performance evaluation of semiconductor devices, failure analysis and reliability verification of application circuits, so as to realize the initial goal of optimizing components. We believe that with the construction of Gonggong laboratory built by our company and the special research and exploration of semiconductor devices, we will be able to realize the development strategy centered on customer needs and make a contribution to customer product control.

Service reception:

You can choose one of the following two ways; After the request is submitted, a special person will contact and communicate the service details within one working day.

1. On site test: make an appointment to go to the Vietnam Canada red sharing laboratory in Shenzhen, accompanied by senior technical experts, and use relevant instruments and components for test on site.

2. Online test: make an appointment to send mail and conduct online remote test. Technical experts will communicate remotely by telephone to help you complete the test and feed back relevant test results.

Appointment process:

Submit the reservation application and wait for the review - the staff will confirm the relevant matters with you - the review is passed, and receive SMS and email notification - use the laboratory by SMS or email

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