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Laboratory introduction

Based on the company's mission of "providing electronic parts with high prices and leading applications, achieving the best delivery and service in the industry, and building the most competitive enterprise", and based on the concept of "openness, integration, practice and innovation", our company has established a "shared laboratory" for customers, suppliers and any organization or individual with testing and testing needs at the beginning of its establishment, Truly achieve the optimization and application of components.

Our "shared laboratory" mainly includes the testing, verification and analysis of dynamic and static parameters of discrete devices, and the testing and detection of EMI, lightning surge, ESD and ringing wave. With the gradual increase of the company's business and customer demand, the ability of the shared laboratory has been constantly improving and improving, striving to contribute to the rapid rise of domestic semiconductor components.

We believe that with the continuous improvement of the instruments in the company's shared laboratory and the constant focus on the research and exploration of electronic devices, we will make the national and even the global electronic industry realize that "if you select components, you will find yuejiahong". Yuejiahong will be the best partner for your needs and value creation!


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