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Switch scheme + 5.8G microwave radar - automatic induction control
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Switch scheme + 5.8G microwave radar - automatic induction control

In response to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, "Shenzhen yuejiahong Electronics Co., Ltd." as a semiconductor device agent, not only selects components, but also independently designs radar sensing solutions in line with national standards to provide customers with a full set of solutions for product upgrading and cost optimization;

The scheme has been widely used in indoor public area lighting products such as ceiling lamp, lamp tube, down lamp, three prevention lamp and panel lamp;


Market: indoor public areas, induction lamps and lanterns.

Main features of the scheme:

1. Independent power supply design, more stable scheme and high cost performance;

2. 5.8G radar, with more stable performance, solves the customer complaint problem of 3G radar;

3. Dimming brightness can be DIY (0-100%), which can be selected in a variety of application scenarios;

4. The sensor is hidden in the lamp body, without structural opening, and the appearance design is more beautiful;

Advantages of 5.8G radar:

1. The spectrum is stable, free from 5g base station signal interference, in line with international standards.

2. Independent antenna, strong anti-interference ability;

3. Higher expansibility, remote control and serial port docking.

5.8G radar and 3G radar working spectrum comparison diagram:


Key performance characteristics of main controller:

Integrated high voltage start and power supply

Quasi resonant critical mode operation

Patented VCC free capacitor control technology

High precision output current constant current range [± 5%]

Reliable LED short circuit and open circuit protection function

Excellent PWM dimming depth control

Reliable temperature feedback protection function

Compatible with wide voltage input applications

No shutdown flashback and low input voltage flashing


Reference application diagram

Key performance indicators of 24W tube lamp:

230VAC full load start time is 21ms       230VAC full load output current ripple 2.3%

Practical examples:


Physical drawing of scheme


(refer to application)                                     (refer to demo)

Microwave induction function can be customized according to the needs of customers, including conventional induction, adjustable delay of remote control, induction range and brightness; High altitude induction radar, etc. For more information, please contact manager Liu 13510784891 (wechat)

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