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Business Briefing of yuejiahong in 2021
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In the past year, the situation has changed, and the semiconductor supply chain has experienced an unprecedented test! Thank you for overcoming the difficulties together with yuejiahong!


We exceeded the target, achieved a per capita sales of 5.6 million yuan, and the per capita output value continued to improve, providing a guarantee for customers to save costs;

The key is: in the environment of large stock shortage, we insist on not speculation and hoarding, and resolutely stand with customers;

We have optimized and earnestly implemented the core business process of "customer demand as the center", improved the operation efficiency and ensured that the needs of customers are managed from time to time; The customer's project is followed from time to time.

At the beginning of the year, our team formulated the "five campaigns" to do a good job in the "optimization of new products and explosive products" in order to realize the "optimization of components"; At the same time, we have further improved the technical support capacity of laboratories and solutions, and provided more professional supporting services for customers.

The specific supply data are as follows:

/Review 2021 data/


The number of diodes and triodes shipped in 2021 increased by 44% compared with that in 2020


In 2021, when MOSFET is in the most shortage, we also realized the supply increment, and we will continue to focus on it in 2022!


IC is hard to find in 2021. The brothers engaged in technology and sales said: "we should continue to increase significantly this year." Do you support it?


The radar module should have exploded in 2021, but it's a pity that the single chip microcomputer can't say enough. If the delivery is not in time, please bear it. It will continue to improve in 2022.

/Postscript: received recognition from important customers on the first day of 2022/

On the first working day of 2022, I received the medal and thank-you letter from the important customer "Minhua". I am grateful for the recognition and trust of the customer!

/The most touching ending/

Looking back on 2021

We are in the same boat through thick and thin

We strive to move forward

Achieve a record high performance of the company

Thank every comrade in arms of the team for their hard work

Thank you for your silent support from your family

Thanks to all the partners of Vietnam plus red for their great help


The whole staff of yuejiahong will continue to focus on providing customers with electronic components that are more suitable for product application, high quality and low price, and provide professional and efficient services to contribute to the great development of the domestic components industry.

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