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LDO linear regulator

IC(integrated circuit) It is a kind of micro electronic device or component, which uses a certain process to interconnect the transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components and wiring required in a circuit, make them on a small or several small semiconductor chips or dielectric substrates, and then package them in a tube shell to become a micro structure with the required circuit function; All the components have formed a whole in structure, which makes the electronic components take a big step towards miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability. It is represented by the letter "IC" in the circuit.


LDO (low dropout regulator) is a low dropout linear regulator. This is relative to the traditional linear regulator. Traditional linear voltage regulators, such as 78xx series chips, require that the input voltage be at least 2V ~ 3V higher than the output voltage, otherwise they will not work normally. However, in some cases, such conditions are obviously too harsh. For example, when 5V turns to 3.3V, the pressure difference between input and output is only 1.7V. Obviously, this does not meet the working conditions of traditional linear regulator. In view of this situation, chip manufacturers have developed LDO voltage conversion chips.

Low voltage drop (LDO) linear regulator has the advantages of low cost, low noise and low quiescent current. It requires few external components, usually only one or two bypass capacitors. The output noise of the regulator can reach the following LDO indicators: μ 5. PSRR is 60dB and quiescent current is 6 μ A. The voltage drop is only 100mV.


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