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Switching diode

Switching diode is a kind of semiconductor diode. It is a kind of diode specially designed and manufactured for "on" and "off" in the circuit. The time required for it to change from on to off or from off to on is shorter than that of ordinary diodes. It is mainly used in electronic computers, pulse and switching circuits.

The switching speed of switching diodes is quite fast. For example, the reverse recovery time of silicon switching diodes is only a few nanoseconds, and even germanium switching diodes are only a few hundred nanoseconds. Switching diode has the characteristics of fast switching speed, small volume, long service life and high reliability. It is widely used in switching circuit, detection circuit, high frequency and pulse rectification circuit and automatic control circuit of electronic equipment. Switching diodes are divided into ordinary switching diodes, high-speed switching diodes, ultra-high-speed switching diodes, low-power switching diodes, high back voltage switching diodes, silicon voltage switching diodes and so on.


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