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Rectifier diode

Rectifier diode

Diode is an electronic device made of semiconductor materials (silicon, selenium, germanium, etc.). It has unidirectional conductivity, that is, when a forward voltage is applied to the diode anode, the diode is turned on. When a reverse voltage is applied to the anode and cathode, the diode is cut off. Therefore, the on and off of the diode is equivalent to the on and off of the switch.


Rectifier diode is a semiconductor device used to convert alternating current into direct current. The most important characteristic of a diode is its unilateral conductivity. In the circuit, current can only flow in from the positive pole and out from the negative pole of the diode. Usually, it contains a PN junction with positive and negative terminals. According to its reverse recovery time, rectifier diodes are divided into ordinary rectifier, fast recovery rectifier, high efficiency rectifier, ultrafast recovery rectifier, Schottky and switch tube.


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