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Rectifier bridge

Bridge rectifier, namely bridge rectifier, also known as rectifier bridge stack, is the most commonly used circuit for rectifying by using the unidirectional conductivity of diodes. It is often used to convert alternating current into direct current. Bridge rectifier is an improvement of diode half wave rectifier. Half wave rectifier uses the unidirectional conduction characteristic of diode. When the input is standard sine wave, the positive half of sine wave is obtained and the negative half is lost.

The bridge rectifier uses four diodes, which are connected in pairs. The positive half of the input sine wave is that the two tubes are connected to obtain a positive output; When the negative half of the sine wave is input, the other two tubes are connected. Because the two tubes are connected reversely, the positive half of the sine wave is output. The utilization efficiency of bridge rectifier for input sine wave is twice as high as that of half wave rectifier.


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